Overview & Requirements

Blended Learning is beneficial to Learners who have taken these courses in the past. If you are new Telehandlers  (Zoomboom) then we do advise to take the Instructor Led course. 

All Blended learning courses are OH&S Compliant and follow Manufacturer Requirements, CSA / ISO and ANSI Standards.

You will be required to upload a Valid Drivers License, to proceed with the online theory.
It is advised to have your I.D uploaded onto your computer files prior to starting your course.

If you do not have a Drivers License then you will be required to show proof of a previous Telehandler Operator ticket valid within the last 2 years at time of booking your practical portion.

Once you purchase the Blended Learning course you will have 45 days to complete the course. Each course theory will vary in length. (an average of 3-4 hours)
Once you have completed the online theory portion, you will have 30 days to schedule your practical component, you are responsible for contacting Touchback to schedule this appointment. After 30 days you will be required to purchase and take the theory portion again before scheduling the practical. Typically exams and Practicals are done on Mondays or Tuesdays around 2pm. 

Your in-person appointment will include the following:
  • Photo ID must be presented
  • Written exam; the exams have an average of 45-50 multiple choice questions and possibly a few fill-in the blanks questions.
  • You will have 45 minutes to write the exam, the exam is closed book, therefore we advise to make notes and ensure you understand the content before scheduling your practical.
    There will be short quizzes at the end of each section which are intended to reinforce the information.
  • Complete Practical components that are specific to the course you have completed.
Once you have successfully Completed the Practical portion of your training a certificate will be issued and is valid for 3 years. 

Info on Course Practical Components

Telehandler (Zoomboom) : Hazard Assessment, Pre Operational Inspection, Function tests, Operation of the equipment.
Approx : 60-90 minutes

PPE Required (Steel Toe Boots, Hard Hat, Eyewear) 

Practical is completed outside, dress accordingly to the weather. No Shorts allowed. 


System Requirements


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  • Firefox
  • Safari
  • Microsoft Edge


  • iOS Safari: 11 and up
  • Chrome
  • Samsung Internet

Note that we do not support Internet Explorer.

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